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ZMJ-WJ Non-woven slitting and perforating rewinding machine
This machine is characterized by smooth perforating and slitting, stable running, easy operating which is suitable for various kinds of non-woven fabrics and air-laid paper.    
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  ZMJ-WFD Full-auto Non-woven Slitting & Roll-up Machine
This machine is the redesigned and developed one which has absorbed the advantages of cutting machines from China and overseas. Compared to the former machine, this machine is characterized by highly automatic and easy operation. This machine is suitable various kinds of non-woven fabrics. 
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spunlace nonwoven wipe, non woven cleaning wipes

  ZMJ-SD  wet tissue packaging machine
240-280 bag/min,wet tissue fold several times Longitudinally → fold one or two time crosswisely
This packing machine is can be used to produce:Computer cleaning wet tissue and medical wet wipes,isopropyl alcohol wet wipes,Aircraft wet wipes,hotel wet tissue,etc.    
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Medical use non-woven


ZMJ-WM Medical use non-woven folding machine
This machine is mainly used in folding and processing medical non-woven cloth.  
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  ZMJ-WR Non-Woven Half-Folding & Rewinding Machine
This machine is specialized at Supple wet wipes roll with folding and nonwoven wet wipes roll without folding.
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ZMJ-WH    Auto Non-woven cutting machine
This machine is making a certain size rolling materials into pieces products by vertical and horizonlly cutting. 
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wet wipes

  ZMJ-WQG Non-woven cloth cutting machine
This equipment is specialized at making big roll non-woen rewind into multi-layers squared colth,then through cutting machine or punching machine produces beauty towel, facial towel, non-woven cloth, beauty towel, single-chip cloth, compressed towel slices, flour Slice film, make-up non-woven films, make-up remover non-woven wipes, table cloth and so on.    
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Magic towel

  ZMJ-T Magic towel Towel machine,Compressed machinery
ZMJ-T type Magic towel Processing machine: the machine compresses non-woven sheet into grainy thing (the shape can be changed by user).The products can become towel after dipping in clean water, which can be used on trip and in hotel. It is the idealist commodity foe personal health health care.  
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  ZMJ-CD   Automatic Nonwoven bedsheet folding machine
The performance of the machine: a.vertical folding; b.die-cutting; c. horizontal folding; After automatic counting pieces, through some transferring belts to sendout the products.     
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  ZMJ-D-C Automatic nonwoven bag making machine
This machine applies for non-woven materials. It can make many kinds of bags such as vest bags, loop handle bags, flat bags, and ribbon-through bags for shoes and purse etc.   
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  ZMJ-D-B Roll cutting style automatic nonwoven flat bag making machine
Working theory: Automatic correcting after feeding raw materials, automatic folding, inserting bottom, punching, photoelectricity tracking, roll cutting, automatic outputting, counting.    
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SMT Stencil Clean roll,SMT Clean paper

ZMJ-SMT-F SMT Stencil Clean roll Processing machine
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ZMJ-HM-Y   Auto Nonwoven Round Cotton Pad Making Machine

ZMJ-HM-F   Auto Cotton pad slices cutting machine

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