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ZMJ-WFD Full-auto Non-woven Slitting & Roll-up Machine

Brief introduction:
This machine is the redesigned and developed one which has absorbed the advantages of cutting machines from China and overseas. Compared to the former machine, this machine is characterized by highly automatic and easy operation. This machine is suitable various kinds of non-woven fabrics.

Full-auto Non-woven Slitting & Roll-up Machine,Non-woven Slitting Machine     Non-woven,Nonwovens

Production line:
Raw materials onto the machine★Slitting★winding in★products

Equipment disposition:
1. SIMENS PLC programmable control system, touch screen.
2. Panasanic Frequency control electrical motor transmission.
3. Choose constant tension control system and electricity light to correct the errors.
4. Automatically stop when there is are no materials, keeping the same tension.
5. Put and off volume on choose tension inflatable ax.
6. Put materials on and off choose pneumatic system.
7. Circular slitting knife to cut which can fit various kinds of raw materials.
8. Aappoint with blower fan, automatic counting the length of materials.
9. Rewind adopt transmission speed adjusting gear
10. Choose wallboard and frame type equipment structures,cloth guide tube with aluminium extruded sections execution,little resistance but good guidance.

Technical parameters:
Name: Full-auto Non-woven Slitting & Roll-up Machine
Model: ZMJ-WED 2700/3500
Products¨ size: Φ800-1500 〜 breadth 100-2700/3500mm
Raw materials size: Φ+1500mm 〜breadth2700/3500mm
Suitable materials: 25-250g/O spunlace non-woven materials.
Cutting parameters: carve breadth error\1mm, coil stock end face smoothness degree\1mm
Paper core specification: 76.2mm (=3")
Rolling paper core: Ø76 mm
Manufacture ability: 0-300 meters/minute
Total power: 380V,50HZ,5.5/7.5 kw
Weight: 4500/7500kg
Machine external dimensions:
External size: L3500〜W3800/4800〜H1800mm
Delivery dimensions:

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Full-auto Non-woven Slitting & Roll-up Machine