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ZMJ-WQG Non-woven cloth cutting machine

Brief introduction:
This equipment is specialized at making big roll non-woen rewind into multi-layers squared colth,then through cutting machine or punching machine produces beauty towel, facial towel, non-woven cloth, beauty towel, single-chip cloth, compressed towel slices, flour Slice film, make-up non-woven films, make-up remover non-woven wipes, table cloth and so on.

Production craft:
Non-woven cloth onto the machine★automatically roll volume 0-80 layers★cutting by man and get the materials★cutting by the special saw★dry cloth products.

Equipment disposition:
1. Panasanic Frequency control electrical motor transmission.
2. Roll volume with automatically make up system, adjustable diameter which can adjust by the products type.
3. Automatically counting system.
4. Cutting with the saw machine.Non-woven cloth cutting machine,Nonwoven fabric Slice Cutting Machine

Technical parameters:
Name: Non-woven cloth cutting machine
Model: ZMJ-WQG 1300
Products unfolded size: length650mm〜width1200 mm,(adjustable).
Suitable materials: 35-100g/O water-sting non-woven cloth.
Raw materials size: Φ+1200mm, breath+1200mm
Raw materials paper inside core diameter: Φ 76.2mm (=3")
Processing ability: duplicate volume 0-150 meters/min
Total power: 380V,50HZ,3 kw+1.5 kw+1.5 kw
Total power: 1500 kg+1200 kg+600 kg
Machine size: Main machine, L 3500〜W 2000〜H 1600mm
                     Cutting with the saw machine, L 3500〜W 1500〜H 1800mm;L 1500〜W 600〜H 1800mm
Delivery dimensions: L 2500〜W 1900〜H 2000mm, L 2500〜W 1900〜H 2000mm,  L 3500〜W 1900〜H 2000mm

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Non-woven cloth cutting machine