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ZMJ-Z-M   Mini tissue folding machine
Mini tissue folding machine adopts vacuum suction folding method to produce small-sized and auto-folding and easy-carrying tissues after embossing,cutting and auto-folding.The machine has the features of stable operation,orderly folding and fast speed,with a length of tissue adjustable between 68-115mm.   
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  ZMJ-Z-C   Color printed Embossed Folding Paper Napkin Machine
This machine is specialized at manufacturing 1-4 folding times napkins.
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  ZMJ-Z-H   box-type facial tissue making machine
This is professional equipmet for box-extracting tissue.We have digested and absorbed the advantages of same machine home and abroad and choose vacuum absorption folding and counting.This machine is charactered by stable running,high efficiency and automatically running,which is the advanced machine in box type tissue machine market.   
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ZMJ-Z-HF   Paper Box Sealing Machine
It is a accessory equipment of Mutually buckle extracting folding facial tissues machine.    
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  ZMJ-Z-X   Adsorption Napkin Folding Machine
This machine is specialized at manufacturing "1/4、 1/8 、L 、C" folding times napkins in large size which solved the Wrinkling and low rate of finished products caused by old Folder knife style folding machine.This machine is charactered by no wrinkling,high rate of finished products and stable running.   
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ZMJ-Z-J   Point-to-point Embossed Perforated Rewinder
Point-to-Point Embossed Perforated Rewinder is used to make the consumer toilet rolls. It includes two or three backstands, double embossing unit. The paper is embossed, perforated and rewinded into the logs, and then cut into the rolls of finished sizes.    
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  ZMJ-Z-Z   Industrial Towel Slitting Machine
This equipment is used for the production of the small bobbin paper (Φ+300mm ) and the industrial towel. It has the functions of embossing or edge pressing punching and once-for-all slitting and rewinding.   
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  ZMJ-Z-G  Automatic Roll Winding Machine
Type Automatic Roll Winding Machine a professional equipment for producing paper tube. The machine adopts the synchronous cutting principle andhastheadvantagesoffastspeed,length-adjustable,lesslength-tolerance,energy-saving,self-drying,low noise, tight winding and neat slitting edge.   
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  ZMJ-Z-S   N-Fold Automatic Towel Folder
This machine is mainly used in manufacturing extracted wipes in box package and oil-absorb wipes for industrial use. This products is mainly used in workshop,hotel,office and kitchen,it is the disposable commodities which has great market potential. This machine is scratches the toilet tissue, original wipes after embossed, cut off alternately folded in "N" shape, which can extract one by one when we use it.     
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  ZMJ-Z-F   THigh Speed Tissue paper Slitting Rewinding Machine
This machine is widely used for slitting and rewinding Tissue paper, non-woven or air laid cloth. The slitting width and layers can be adjusted by this machine according to need. The products are used for the folded tissue, napkin paper, facial tissue, sanitary napkin, toilet paper, and wet tissue of non-woven etc. Driving by independent asynchronous servo system, the machine has the advantages of excellent performance, reasonable and compact structure,high speed and stable and simple operation.   
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  JZM-200A Semi-Auto Mini tissue paper packaging machine
packaging of regular square products,mini hankies and regular square products with out-packaging.
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