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ZMJ-Z-HF Paper Box Sealing Machine

Brief introduction:

It is a accessory equipment of Mutually buckle extracting folding facial tissues machine.

Related equipment:ZMJ-Z-H box-type facial tissue making machine

Production craft:
Putting folded paper into the boxsealing automatically

Functions and features:
This machine completely uses the air operated technology, the entire movement process automatically completes. The entire machine movement stable, fast is highly effective.
Paper Box Sealing Machine,facial tissue making machine

Technical parameters:
Name: Paper Box Sealing Machine
Model: ZMJ-Z-HF
boxs size: L100-220 W60-150 H40-120mm
Process ability: 1800box/hour
Power: 380V 50HZ 2kw

Weight: 300kg
Machine size: L850W700H1500mm
Packing size: L1050W900H800mm

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Tissue paper folding machine,Facial tissue making machine,Facial tissue folding machine,Toilet paper machine