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ZMJ-Z-S     N-Fold Automatic Towel Folder


N-Fold Automatic Towel Folder

Brief introduction:

This machine is mainly used in manufacturing extracted wipes in box package and oil-absorb wipes for industrial use. This products is mainly used in workshop,hotel,office and kitchen,it is the disposable commodities which has great market potential. This machine is scratches the toilet tissue, original wipes after embossed, cut off alternately folded in "N" shape, which can extract one by one when we use it. This machine uses creative the entire vacuum adsorption to fold the technology, simultaneously ingredient cutting, folding, counting and other multichannel working procedure.This machine has advanced technology,stablely running, highly efficient,is the advanced model of Three times folding hand-clean machine.


Production craft:
Samll volume raw paper → folding crossly → product

Equipment disposition:
1. Automatically counting system.
2. High-speed steel slanting knives to cut , vacuum adsorption folding.
3. Velocity modulation putting volume, adaption different tensity raw paper.
4. Electrically air operating control, ease of operation.
5. steel to the steel embossed installment, clear pattern.

Technical parameters:
Name: N-Fold Automatic Towel Folder
Model: ZMJ-Z-S type    7 rows, 4 rows, 3 rows,2 rows.
Products unfolded size: 230×230mm or 240x240mm (appointe other size).
Products folded size:    78x230mm or 81.5x240mm
Folding shape:              extracting in N shape
Emboss installment:     Customer choose the type
Suitable raw paper:       35-55g/㎡wet strength paper
Row paper specification: 76.2mm (=3")
Model:                         7 rows, 4 rows, 3 rows, 2 rows.
Produce ability:            2600张/分, 1600张/分, 1200张/分, 800张/分
Total power:                 30.5kw; 27.5kw; 17.5kw; 10kw
Weight:                       5500kg;4500kg;3500kg;2500kg
Machine size: (7 rows)3500×2500×1850mm;(4rows)3500×2500×1850mm;(3rows)3500×1900×1850mm; (2 rows)3500×1500×1850mm
Packing size:   (7 rows)3200×1800×2000mm,3200×1800×2000mm;(4rows)2700×2000×2000mm,2700×1800×2000mm; (3rows)3700×2000×2000mm;(2rows)3700×1800×2000mm.


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Tissue paper folding machine,Facial tissue making machine,Facial tissue folding machine,Toilet paper machine