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ZMJ-Z-X Adsorption Napkin Folding Machine

Adsorption Napkin Folding Machine

Brief introduction:

This machine is specialized at manufacturing "1/4 1/8 L C" folding times napkins in large size which solved the Wrinkling and low rate of finished products caused by old Folder knife style folding machine.This machine is charactered by no wrinkling,high rate of finished products and stable running.

Production craft:
Raw materials onto the mahcine Calendering Embossing Vertical folding Horizontal folding two time products

Equipment disposition:
1. Delta converter.
2. Fully adsorption folding installment.
3. Steel roll to wool roll embossing installment.
4. Steel roll to polyurethane roll calendering installment
5. One set vacuum pump.
6. Automatically stop when no paper in installment
7. Drawing by wide belt when put materials roll,independently adjust the tension,suitable for different raw materials in different tension.
8. Two colours printing installmet.

Technical parameters:For example
Name: 1-8 times adsorption napkin folding machine
Model: ZMJ-Z-X 380
Products folded size: L 200mm W 95mm
Products unfolded size: L 400mm W 380mm
Folding type: raw materials width,vertical folding one time,horizontal folding two time.
Raw materials size: 1200mmbreadth400mm.
Suitable raw materials: 14-24g/Osingle or double layers Pulp Paper
Processing capacity:300 pcs/min.
Total power: AC380V 50HZ 15 kw.
Machines weight: 2500kg
Dimension size: 350016001800mm
Packing size: 350018002000mm

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Tissue paper folding machine,Facial tissue making machine,Facial tissue folding machine,Toilet paper machine