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Wet tissue machine,Wet wipes machine,Wet tissue packaging machine

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Automatically servo-controlled wet tissue packing machine

This machine is specilized at packing
40-80 pieces extracting wet wipes.This machine is chosen the most advanced servo-controlled technical and designed to be new generation wet wipes automatically packing machine by ZhiMing enterprise.

wet wipes packing machine,wet tissue packing machine

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Main feaures:
1. Controlling and Driver core are conposed by servo motor, PLC programmable logic controller and color touch-screen LCD which are greatly raised the machines Control precision, speed range, reliability and intelligence.Whats more,the packing shaping,cutting length and some other parameters are much higher precisely than before.
2. Servo motor driver realized packing machines raw materials and films transferred, vertical and horizontal sealing and outputs.
3. With automatic monitoring, self-diagnosis packaging running and find the failure reasons with the sulotions.
4. imported Japanese High Sensitivity photoelectric Yanse standard track to make sealing position more accurate.
5. Adding liquild system,through the automatic squeezing which can control the volume of liquid in wet wipes.

Production line:
onto the transporting belt by man power -- passing into the package -- Vertically sealing -- pushing air --horizontally sealing and cutting -- products

Technical parameters:
Name: Automatically servo-controlled wet tissue packing machinebaby wet wipes,baby wet tissue
Model: ZMJ-S-BD
Packing speed: 30-60 packages/min.
Packing size: length 100-320mmWidth 60-120mmHeight 30-100mm
Packing widest: 450 mm
Packing materials: OPPCPPPET and so on.
Suitable range: 40-80 pieces/package
Power: AC220V,50/60HZ,5.5kw
Weight: 800kg
External dimensions: L5550W1200H2100mm
Delivery dimensions: L3500W2000H2000mm

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Wet tissue machine,Wet wipes machine,Wet tissue packaging machine