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ZMJ-SL  Wet wipes spraying Liquid machineWet wipes spraying Liquid machine,Non-wovens wet tissue spraying machine,spraying machine

This machine mainly uses in to folds good product and so onadhesive-bonded cloth, dustlessness paper carries on adds wet sprays,sprays the process to be allowed to act according to own request tospray the humidity to carry on the control.

This equipment widelyapplies to civilly (medical) the adhesive-bonded cloth wet face towel,the clean skin turban, the laminated wet paper goods, theadhesive-bonded cloth wet turban, the volume shape tube-loaded wetturban, the box installs the wet turban, pulls out the wetturban, the belt cleaning solution disinfects product and so on.

Equipment characters:
We promoted the function of the machine according to customers¨ advises, and now, our machine has these characters:
This machine is used for the liquid spraying of wet tissue with multi-specifications.
It is equipped with the fitting for liquid circumfluence and adjusts the humidity of the product sprayed freely.
Directions and flux of the spraying can be changed by the user.
It can even spray to many directions at the same time. It adopts the transducer, lengthen the conveyer belt, and is equipped the mechanical continuous tension adjusting fitting.
It is made of stainless steel and has the characteristics of convenient operation, high output, equal spraying, according with the sanitary standards.

Technical parameters:
Name: Wet wipes spraying Liquid machine
Model: ZMJ-SL
Line speed: 6.8 meter /min.
Product specification: L 150-220mm,w160-220mm,H120mm
The nozzle, the spray pipe have cuts down the gate control, spurtsthe water volume size to be possible to move.
Total power: 380V ,50HZ
The water pump uses the type anticorrosive to pump, power0.75KW.
The main engine uses decelerates the electrical machinerylowly, the noise, the benefit is high, power 0.55KWW
Weight: 600kg
Machine size:  L3000〜W 800〜H 1200mm
Delivery dimensions:  L3200〜W 1000〜H 1500mm

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Wet tissue machine,Wet wipes machine,Wet wipes packaging machine